TargetPayandBenefits Employee Benefits – Everyone Must Know

Everyone understands the importance of tech in the operation and management of a business in organizations. For this reason, the development and adoption of the Target Pay and Benefits platform by Target Corporation come as no surprise.

The employee-centric platform not only aims at increasing the efficiency of the Target Corporation and its affiliate’s staff through access to personal work information but, by extension, to improve employee motivation and boost their productivity levels. All these contribute to the profitability of the entity.

TargetPayandBenefits Portal

If Target or its affiliates newly employ you, you must wonder what the TargetPayandBenefits platform entails. What is it, and how do I benefit from the portal? The TargetPayandBenefits portal represents a special virtual compensation gateway for Target Corporation employees to access diverse employee details besides the numerous benefits.

Aon Hewitt, a global leader in human resource consulting and outsourcing aspects, hosts and manages the portal ( on behalf of Target Corporation. It, therefore, comes as no surprise to hear the TargetPayandBenefits portal getting referred to as a Target Pay and Benefits Hewitt gateway.

Target Corporation is a dependable and well-known retailer in the USA. The corporation deals with the delivery of medical, vocational guidance, and monetary services. Its gateway, the TargetPayandBenefits portal, offers Target staff members an avenue of virtually and effectively checking their payment information and benefits. In addition, the platform also gives the staff access to vital information pertaining to their compensation. 

Moreover, it ensures that the information gets packaged in an easy-to-digest format. Because of this, the article aims at helping you get informed on the various benefits you can get from the platform besides your remuneration. However, it becomes prudent to understand the registration and login steps to set up and operate your account before you start enjoying the benefits of the portal, something that will not be discussed in this article.

TargetPayandBenefits Employee Benefits

Target Corporation’s staff should register and log into the TargetPayandBenefits compensation portal to enjoy a litany of benefits ranging from business and finance to health benefits. The competitive package enjoyed by members of staff often outranks other industry players. Therefore, if you get employed by Target, you can look forward to enjoying the following benefits by virtue of your employment and registration into the platform. Benefits include:

  • Competitive take-home wage as compensation for the services delivered by the employee to the company
  • The competitive salary often outranks the other industry players and competition and, therefore, something to look forward to as a Target employee within the platform. You can also get diverse employment plans within the platform.
  • As an employee working for Target and registered on the platform, you also enjoy the educational benefits. Such benefits include the following.
    • Job-related coursework reimbursement of the tuition fee, with different rates for the diverse levels involved at college- For instance, you get different coursework reimbursement of monies with the amount increasing with the difficulty level of each course. An undergraduate coursework reimbursement will prove lesser than a graduate coursework fee, and the graduate coursework fee is lesser than an MBA coursework fee reimbursement.
    • You also get to enjoy refinancing student loans through consolidation and payment, which you will struggle to get from competitor retailers in the US.
    • You will also enjoy the cost compensation of the general learning development.
  • Medical care. Members of staff working for Target Corporation and its affiliates and those registered on the portal get to enjoy the diverse medical care plans that include medical cover for diverse aspects. Thus, you will have cover for your medical needs, especially at work, which will boost your morale at work.
  • Another key benefit for Target employees on the platform includes access to excellent purchase discounts. Discounts transcend the wellness segment where you get discounts when purchasing vegetables, fruits, etc., to getting significant discounts when buying auto and home insurance policies. You also get to enjoy a distinct discount on the website as a Target Corporation employee besides the fitness and childcare discount if you have young kids.
  • The TargetPayandBenefits gateway also provides employees with the dedicated customer service support that addresses all rising concerns. If you are concerned about any subject, you only have to contact the customer service rep on any workday throughout the week from 0900hrs to 1900hrs. Additionally, you can ask valid questions by calling 6123044357. Besides the call option, you can engage the customer support center by using the chat facility.
  • Other benefits that you can enjoy from the portal include access and subscription to the TMLR facility. In addition, you can also enjoy in-house and targeted discounts besides enjoying access to credit uniforms and tobacco cessation programs.

Eligibility for Receiving Benefits on the TargetPayandBenefits Portal

Any person can become eligible to receive the benefits enumerated above if you satisfy the following condition. First, you must prove your Target employee status through registration on the portal. You then have to wait for the lapse of the first month of employment and registration. 

The timeline follows the initial six-month full-benefit timeframe. It stays in force from the first payment period until the end of the month. Moreover, the benefits that an employee receives will depend on the average work duration. 

FAQs Relating to TargetPayandBenefits Employee Benefits

What are Target’s benefits? 

A raft of benefits accrues from TargetPayandBenefits. You can get a 10% discount from Target and its affiliates. You also receive benefits such as daycare and healthcare flexible spending account, long and short-term disability insurance, and life insurance. 

How can I obtain my target paycheck online? 

All you have to do entails visiting the before logging into the EHR. From this point, head over to the Financial Well-Being section at the top left portion of the page and click to view your pay statement. You will get all the relevant paystubs.

Does Target Corporation pay for college? 

Yes, Target pays a specific amount of tuition fee from the tuition reimbursement package. It pays $3000 for your undergraduate coursework, a $4000 fee for your graduate coursework, and a fee of $5250 for your MBA coursework.


Target Corporation provides numerous benefits to its employees, provided you get yourself an account once employed. Thus, you will not only receive the remuneration you deserve based on your position but also view your paystubs, work schedules, benefits, among many other perks. 

Additionally, you should comprehend the login process besides the registration process to ensure you remain active on the platform. Therefore, in a similar manner that sees tech playing a pivotal role in the development and profitability of Target Corporation, the TargetPayandBenefits portal proves instrumental for employees and their employment information management.

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