Target Company launched the TargetPayandBenefits portal, which has a large user base for its employees and users.

TargetPayandBenefits.Com is a platform where users and Target workers can get financial, health, and business benefits. By entering their user ID and password, users can gain access to TargetPayandBenefits.

Employees of the Target Corporation can check their benefits and payments through the TargetPayandBenefits login.

Target, one of the well-known merchandise retailers in the US, is responsible for Target Pay and Benefits.

Requirements For TargetPayandBenefits

  • You should have an electronic device like a smartphone, Tablet, laptop, etc., with secure Internet access.
  • Target employees must have their registered credentials for login, i.e., registered User ID and Password. You can also get the credentials from the Human Resources Department.
  • You should also have your Date of Birth and the last digits of your social security number.
  • You must satisfy the condition of proving yourself as a Target Corporation Staff member.

How to Register at TargetPayandBenefits?

  • To log in to TargetPayandBenefits, you must have a registered account. For registration, you should visit the official TargetPayandBenefits website.
  • Now, click on the Logon option from the top-right corner of the screen.
  • You should see a login portal on your screen. Click on the New User option under the Log On button.
targetpay and benefits
Targetpayandbenefits Account Registration
  • It will take you to a new page where you will be asked to enter your details like Date of Birth and Social Security Number. Provide it and then click on Continue.
  • Now, it will ask you to provide your personal information like phone number and email address. Provide the required details and proceed.
  • You will get a message for successful registration.

Login to TargetPayandBenefits Account

  • First of all, visit the official website
  • Now, click the Log On button from the website’s Home page in the top right corner.
targetpay and benefits
Targetpayandbenefits Login
  • Afterward, enter your TargetPayandBenefits User ID and Password in the given box. And then click on Log On.
  • It will take you to the TargetPayandBenefits account dashboard.

Reset TargetPayandBenefits Login Password

As mentioned earlier, Password is required for the TargetPayandBenefits login. And if you don’t remember your Password, you can reset it with the given tutorial.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of TargetPayandBenefits. And click on the Logon option in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Now from the login page, click on the Forgot Password option. You should find the option under the Log On button.
target pay and benefits
Reset Targetpayandbenefits Password
  • On the next page, provide the last four digits of your Social security number and date of birth. Then click on Continue.
  • After that, enter your registered email address and click on Next Option.
  • Open your email; you should receive a six-digit code there. Enter the code on the website.
  • And now, you can set a new password for your account.


  1. How do I access my 401k from Target?

    You can access your 401k from Target. Users can go online anytime and view or print an online account statement. They can also call on 800-828-5850 and request an on-demand account statement.

  2. Do Target employees get a discount on electronics?

    Target employees get a 10% discount on everything in-store and online. It is one of the best benefits that Target employees enjoy.

  3. Why can’t I log into my Target account?

    The possible reason can be you reached the maximum limit of unsuccessful login attempts. If you forget your Password, you can reset it and then try to log in to your Target Account.

  4. Where do I find my Target login ID?

    To find and reset the Target login ID username and Password, you can visit Afterward, select the Forgot Username and Password option. It will lead you to the process of Password reset.

  5. What is a Target employee username?

    The email address you use at your workplace will be your Target Employee username. You can enter the registered email as your Target Employee username.


So, that is all about the TargetPayandBenefits login procedure. TargetPayandBenefits provides a lot of benefits for Target employees and users. You can enjoy all the health, financial, and business benefits the portal offers.

You can register your account and then log in to the TargetPayandBenefits portal to enjoy all these benefits. The article will help you to register your account and log in. And if you have forgotten your password, we have covered that too.